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Computer solutions for small businesses in the Venice, Florida area

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Global Edge Systems, LLC can help you make your business more secure and efficient. Is your office connected to the Internet? Are your printers shared on your network? Are you storing files in a central location instead of on individual machines? Is your data backed up at all? Are you considering VoIP telephone solutions to save money?

keyboardWe can help you with these kinds of answers, plus introduce you to some solutions you may not be aware of to make your business run more efficiently. We will examine if your software is up to date with current security patches and help you transition to new versions of software. We will make sure you have current virus protection at all times and if you become a client, you will receive security alert emails helping your business stay protected from all sorts of threats.

We have 18 years of experience supporting PC and Unix systems and networks. We can help you with all sorts of technology decisions and guide you through the maze of misinformation, ultimately saving you time and money.

Global Edge Systems can also help home users with all types of computer problems or even just help network all of the computers and peripherals in your home efficiently using a secure wireless network. Don’t just buy a wireless router and plug it into your network without help from an expert because you could be exposing your network to hackers or even neighbors who are in range of your wireless router.

Even home users should have a backup solution and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Let us help you find the backup solution that works for you and protects your important computer data. Don’t let a computer crash cause you undue anxiety. If you know you have good backups and you don’t have to involve yourself to have current backups, you don’t have to let your computer hold you hostage if it goes on the blink.